August 2017 Full Competition Classes

with Daryl Strickland, Matt Lee, and the boys

Lang BBQ Smokers is hosting another Q-School with two 1-day smoker cooker classes in the Lang Kitchen in Hoboken, Georgia in August. Both classes will be lead by instructors Daryl Strickland, Matt Lee, and the boys.

The smoker cooker class will be held in the Lang Kitchen on Friday August 25th and Saturday August 26th.

At the Q-School you will be cooking on one of our Lang BBQ Smoker models. If you already own a Lang BBQ Smoker, feel free to bring it to the class. If you wish to purchase one, we will gladly bring it to the classes for you!

Full KCBS Class

  • Chicken
  • Ribs
  • Pork
  • Brisket

Time Lines

Box Building
  • Picking meat out
  • Trimming meat
  • Full Recipes
  • Flavor Profiles
Catering and restaurant tips

Thank you for attending!

This class is now over.
Didn't get to attend? Don't miss the Q-School Class!

Class Information

Class Dates:
August 25, 2017, Friday (OVER)
August 26, 2017, Saturday (OVER)
Class Times:
8:00am - 4:00pm (for both classes)
Class Location:
In the Lang BBQ Smokers® Kitchen
4649 Main Street Hoboken, Georgia 31542
Major cross roads are:
Hwy 82 and Caney Bay Rd. And Hwy 82 and Palm Street

The Lang Kitchen is located after the Dollar General Store, and after Church Street coming from Waycross. We are before Palm Street.
More directions and hotels
Cost (per class)
These classes are now closed, thank you!