Smoker Cooker Class Valentines Day Gift Certificate

Unique Valentines Day Present

A Smoker Cooking Class

with Chef Paul Kirk

If you or someone you love, loves cooking on a smoker cooker then a smoker cooking class or a gift certificate for the class is a great present of Valentine's Day! No need to shop, just register for the class online or purchase the Lang BBQ Bucks gift certificate denomination of your choice online.

Lang BBQ Smokers is hosting 2 smoker cooker classes with Chef Paul Kirk, the Kansas City Baron of Barbecue.

Classes on April 8th and 9th 2016 from 8am-4pm

Lang BBQ Bucks Gift Certificate

The class encourages back yard BBQ enthusiasts, seasoned barbeque competitors, and those considering opening a BBQ business (catering, mobile restaurants and other types of barbeque joints) to come to the class.

Learn the Secret of Great Smoker Cooking from the Best

Paul Kirk CWC, Ph.B., B.S.A.S., and recent inductee into the BBQ Hall of Fame is a seven-time world champion and is known as the Kansas City Barron of BBQ. Chef Paul shares tips and secrets that will give you the advantage in making great barbecue whether for your family and friends, or perhaps a competition or two. The smoker cooking class will cover the basics of barbecuing Brisket, Pork Butt, Pork Ribs, Chicken, and Sausage. Additional topics covered include; BBQ rubs and spices, cover fire management, BBQ fuels, BBQ sauce, contest presentation.

Class information

Class Dates:
April 8, 2016, Friday (OVER)
April 9, 2016, Saturday (OVER)
Class Times:
8:00am - 4:00pm (for both classes)
Class Location:
In the Lang BBQ Smokers® Kitchen location: 4649 Main Street Hoboken, Georgia 31542
Major cross roads are:
Hwy 82 and Caney Bay Rd. And Hwy 82 and Palm Street

The Lang Kitchen is located after the Dollar General Store, and after Church Street coming from Waycross. We are before Palm Street.
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Cost (per class)
This is a past class. Watch for the next upcoming class