Darryl Strickland and Matt Lee
of the Lang BBQ Competition Team

Q-School Instructors

Bruce Mitchell instructing smoker cooker classes on Lang BBQ Smokers

About the Lang BBQ Competition Team

The Lang BBQ Competition Team travels around the southern states competing at various smoker cooker competitions on their Lang BBQ Smoker. The team includes of Darryl Strickland, Matt Lee, Jason Strickland, and Mechelle Strickland. In March of 2016 they won the Grandmaster at the Fire Ant Festival in Ashburn, Georgia. They won team 1st in Ribs and 2nd in Brisket. Won everything in the final Barbeque Cook Off!

Darryl and Matt were instructors at the 2016 Summer Q-School smoker cooker classes, as well as 2019's summer classes with Ben Lang.

Learn more about Darrlyn Strickland, Matt Lee, and the Lang BBQ Competition Team.

Darryl Strickland instructing smoker cooker classes on Lang BBQ Smokers

Darryl Strickland

Darryl has been cooking BBQ all his life. He started competing four years ago with his younger brother Jason (who is also on the official Lang BBQ Competition Team). Darryl has competed in BBQ contests from Alabama to south Florida. A paramedic by trade, Darryl got into BBQ competitions as a way of de-stressing from his job. Darryl's award-winning cooking is not just luck, he has a culinary background from working in some very big restaurants.

Matt Lee instructing smoker cooker classes on Lang BBQ Smokers

Matt Lee

Matt Lee is also on the 2016 Lang BBQ Competition Team. He will be instructing at the summer Q-School smoker cooker classes and will show how BBQ competition presentation boxes are built for KCBS and FBA.

These smoker cooker classes cover: The smoker cooking classes will cover the basics of barbecuing Brisket, Pork Butt, Pork Ribs, and Chicken. Additional topics covered include; BBQ rubs and spices, fire management, BBQ fuels, BBQ sauce, and contest presentation.

The class is suited for back yard BBQ enthusiasts, seasoned barbeque competitors, and those considering opening a BBQ business (catering, mobile restaurants and other types of barbeque joints).

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