Bruce Mitchell

Q-School Instructor

Bruce Mitchell instructing smoker cooker classes on Lang BBQ Smokers

About Bruce Mitchell

Bruce Mitchell is also known as the The Alligator Man from the History Channel's TV show Swamp People. His website is

Bruce is famous for hunting alligators during the gator season. Bruce's other "wild adventures" include outdoor BBQ cooking ... and eating. Bruce loves going to Cook-Offs! Sometimes he's a judge and other times he's a competitor.

Bruce Mitchell's Gator Man's Guide to Southern CookingBruce has authored a cook book - Gator Man's Guide to Southern Cooking. The book has over 20 easy-to-follow recipes. You can purchase the book on his website.

Bruce Mitchell's Smoker Cooker Classes:

Bruce teaches the Summer Q-School class, this smoker cooker class only comes to the Low Country once each summer. The class will learn how to create championship, award-wining barbecue flavor profiles that work great with smoked brisket, pork butts, ribs, and chicken. Students will be cooking on Lang BBQ Smokers.

These smoker cooker classes cover: The smoker cooking classes will cover the basics of barbecuing Brisket, Pork Butt, Pork Ribs, and Chicken. Additional topics covered include; BBQ rubs and spices, fire management, BBQ fuels, BBQ sauce, and contest presentation.

The class is suited for back yard BBQ enthusiasts, seasoned barbeque competitors, and those considering opening a BBQ business (catering, mobile restaurants and other types of barbeque joints).



Bruce Mitchell and his Lang BBQ Smoker

Want to learn more about southern smoker cooking? Try one of Bruce Mitchell's classes.
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